Types Of Bollards

There are many types of bollards. Each of the type is suitable for a particular situation. Some of the types are discussed in this article.

The first type is pedestrian bollards. A pedestrian bollard is something that defines the path for pedestrian to walk on. These are usually used in buildings or parks where it defines the boundary lines for people on foot and for cars. So that it is convenient for both the pedestrians and riders to follow their own lane and do not disturb the other. These pedestrian bollards are usually used by linking a chain through them that not on only draw the clear boundary but also prevent the people on both sides to jump to other side. As these are used along the pathways, therefore these also use lights on them that help to guide the pedestrians and riders during the night time.

The second type is construction bollards. The bollards are usually temporary and are used to control the flow of traffic in some areas. These are made from brightly colored plastic that is flexible and it is mounted on rubber base that is removable.

Then there comes the security bollards. These serve the same purpose as pedestrian bollards but additionally a factor of security is considered among them. these are designed to bear the impact by the vehicle so that these can stop the vehicle from entering some restricted perimeter. For these bollards to be strong enough, it is necessary that these must be made from strong materials. These are usually made from steel filled with concrete.

Another type of bollard is protecting people bollard. These are built around some parking place, a park or even around your home so that you protect your people from traffic by defining a safe boundary area.

With the increase of terrorisms threats around the world, another type of bollards that are especially designed for terrorisms prevention are introduced.  This become a major attention right after the 9/11 attack. Many security departments now make sure that all the important buildings are secured in every possible aspect. Therefore, bollards were designed to bear many attacks.

Bicycle racks Perth and stands are also using bollards to park the bicycles. These are customized for this purpose only. These have two arms in both sides that are used for locking the bicycles using wire locks. However, there are other designs in bicycles bollards such as U shaped bollards. These protect the bicycles as well as organize their parking and effectively manage the space for parking.