Getting Ready For The Office Party

Every bride wants her wedding to be the most beautiful day of their lives. Your duty as a friend and as a part of the group is to help her make that dream come true.The place you work is the place you spend most of your time. Your work colleagues are the people whom you see everyday. However once in a year on a special day you will have an office get together or a year-end party. You will want to look your best on the day. It is an opportunity for the people who see you every day, to see you as a different person.

Stick to the theme

Most office parties have a theme. If you want to look unique do not make the mistake of going out of the theme. If it is about pirates and you decide to turn up as an angel it would not be special but simply crazy. Keep looking out for office communications from the Human Resource department regarding the office party. They will let you know with time to spare about the theme and the dress code. Then you can go on shopping with a set of your office colleagues. Make sure not to buy the same dress as your friends. If you are trying to make an impression you can go for extra stuff such as longer lashes set in place by better lady black eyelash glue and special jewelry. 

It’s not a disco

Much as you want to be seen as special and unique remember not to cross the line. This is the company you are working for and these are the people whom you have to meet again, probably the next day or after the holidays. Therefore before buying a daring dressand showing off too much, rethink about the repercussions. It might not be advisable to be seen as an attention seeker. Also watch how much you drink on the day. Some people might be assuming that they can take advantage of a drunk woman. Hopefully there are no people like that in your office but sometimes when an opportunity presents itself some people tend to take it. It is your own responsibility to be seen as fun and outgoing and at the same time as professional as you can be in an office party.

Keep it cool

Rather than spending a small fortune for a dress, get a hairdresser to spin all he can on your hair and turning up in a hired limousine, you can take it slow and be cool. Go with the theme and buy a suitable dress. Make sure it fits perfectly. Discuss with your colleagues about transportation; if you are planning to consume alcohol do not drive to the party. If it is a family occasion, ensure your husband and if attending, kids, have the right themed attire. You can go a bit extra with perhaps higher heels than you usually use, a bit of a bold neckline and extra-long and thick eyelashes chosen from lash trays Australia. But there is no need to turn up like Marilyn Monroe and create an unwanted mess within the second family in yourlife. Do not be scared to show who you are; but be careful of an opportunity for someone to get a wrong impression of it.

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