What You Need To Know About Nitrogen Gas Generator

A lot of people are confused as to what is the purpose of using a nitrogen gas generator? Or what exactly does it do? Questions like these make our products look complicated and to overcome this issue, we have narrowed down some basics related to nitrogen gas generator that you should be knowing about. Let’s find out what are they.

Uses of Nitrogen Gas Generator

Nitrogen gas is such a gas which is commonly seen being used in different industries which could range from mining to food industries as well. All of these industries are such which requires an abundant demand of nitrogen gas. Most of these industries use a nitrogen gas cylinder which is no less than a hassle itself, yet, a major expense on its own as well. To make things easier for meeting the unlimited demand of nitrogen gas, a nitrogen gas generator comes in handy.

Now the next thing that is usually asked is what a nitrogen gas generator does, well, the fact is that the answer to it is quiet similar to the above stated information. This generator is used to cater the nitrogen demand to be used for different purposes in industries.

How to make Nitrogen Gas

Keeping this short, there are two ways that can help in making nitrogen gas. The first one consists of PSA Nitrogen Generator where the method used for separation of air and nitrogen is through the adsorption process. The second method is known as the membrane nitrogen generator where nitrogen is produced by filtering out the air through hollow fibers. Since the carbon dioxide, water and oxygen are smaller particles in nature, they are filtered out through these fibers and the remaining particles that are left behind are the nitrogen molecules that are larger.

PSA Technology

Lastly, what often confuses people is about what exactly does PSA Technology means. Basically, PSA is an abbreviation for pressure swing adsorption where the process includes separating the oxygen and nitrogen from the air through a filtering process.

Benefits that come with using Nitrogen Gas Generator

  • Improved Profitability: the profitability is increased in terms of lower cost of per unit gas.
  • Increased Reliability: the reliability in this context is due to the fact that gas is produced on demand basis and you only get to pay for what you produce.
  • Sustainability: the payback period with regards to the investment made is quiet small as one doesn’t have to wait much on the cost benefit analysis, the life of the services produces by the generator is quiet long and lastly, the energy that is used is low in quantity making reduction in carbon dioxide footprint.

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