5 Moving Secrets To Help You Move Into Your First Home Without The Drama

Owning your very first home is exciting; moving into it can be a little less so. Here are 5 well guarded secrets that ensures little to no drama when it comes to moving homes…You don’t need everything you own – whether you’ve been living at your parent’s house so far, or a rented house, it makes no difference when it comes to owning things. More often than not, things that we buy get forgotten due to how rarely we use it; especially if it is not multi purposed. These are the things that tend to clutter our home in the long runso you’re better off not having it in your new home.

Know the sizes of your new home’s rooms and entrances – whether you’re trying to buy new furniture for your home, or trying to imagine if certain things will fit through the door ways of your new house, knowing the measurements of your home and its doorways makes life so much easier on you. It will also prevent you from overfilling your room with things.

The right help can make a huge difference – get yourself a good team of help to successfully see your move through. Whether its to find affordable removalists, someone to help you pack, someone to drive you to your new home or even someone to help you unpack; remember too keep in mind to pick someone efficient, reliable and and not prone to distracting you from your task.

Pack right, unpack easy – we are firm believers to the fact that it’s not movers Queanbeyan who make a mess of things by piling it all into one room, but the fault of the house owner for not leaving clear instruction as to where it needs to be placed. Even if you’re not using a professional service to move your things, take the time to write down a list of all the items inside each packaging box on the side of it so you need not dig through it all for one item. Again, regardless to whether you use a service to move your things or not, it’s also vital that you mark the destination of each box. Clearly mark the fragile boxes so it will be handled with extra care. Clean-move-clean – you are going to be constantly clearing and cleaning your home during the process of moving houses. You will need to clean your home thoroughly before moving your things, as well as after moving them. If you can afford to, hire a professional cleaning service for the after. Alternatively, you can also pull in a favor from your friends for this…!

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